Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Maters and Basil and Eggs, Oh My!

Scratch frowned. The tomato seedlings she'd tried to plant Easter Sunday had all wilted. "Looks like another fine spring of let's-go-have-to-buy-stuff-I-ought-to-have-been-able-to-do-myself," she said to herself. It was questionable whether the hot pepper plants would survive, too.  Louis patted Scratch with a floppy red claw.
 "There, there," he said. "Just some bad luck, that is all. Perhaps the nasturtiums you're sprouting will do better, once you can get them out into the pot."

"I don't see the point in plants anyhow," said Mort from behind Scratch. "Meat tastes better."

"You liked Scratch's tomato sandwiches well enough," said Louis, turning to the little dragon in his basket of treasures. "And the basil was good in the scrambled eggs she cooks for breakfast...."

"Well, yes. I DO like scrambled eggs," admitted Mort. " Do those grow in a pot?" he asked.

"No, no," laughed Scratch. "Those grow in chickens!"

"Mmmmm.... Chickens...." said Mort.

"Do you think of anything besides food?" asked Louis, with a small smile.

Mort thought a moment. "Well, I think about the shiny things in my basket, too. But you can't eat that stuff, it's a little too crunchy f'my teeth! Not to mention playin' hell with my digestion....."

Scratch bent over laughing, and even Louis had to chuckle a little.

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