Monday, June 8, 2015


Louis picked up the TV remote in one claw. JTV was no longer on the air (they were bad about changing the free over-the-air digital channels), but there was a new channel on now, one that replayed old game shows. Scratch had to explain what some of them were, and who some of the people were. "Some of these shows are older'n me," she said. Louis refrained from commenting on how old that may have been, indeed.

He was looking forward to Scratch's little one paying a visit, even though she did pick on him a little (he supposed he looked a bit "goofy" to a human, although he was considered handsome among Lobsters!) 

He poked a claw into the bag of Goldfish crackers. Scratch had got him started on those. "But they don't taste like fish," he said. This puzzled him a little.  "Yeah? Those oyster crackers you like don't taste like oysters, either!" she'd said, and he had to concede the point. 

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