Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy birthday to Our cook, Scratch!

Greetings, to Our loyal citizens!

As some of you out in Lobsteronia may know, yesterday was Scratch's birthday. She turned all of 40 years old! We wanted to surprise her, so We shooed her out of the house (We told her We were out of oyster crackers!) . Then, once she was gone, We went to work. We couldn't find the cake pans, but We did find a Bundt that worked nicely. Here is the result--A chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! And sprinkles! We can't forget those. Needless to say, Scratch was quite surprised. 

It turned out quite tasty, if We do say so ourselves.  

We wondered briefly if maybe We should go to cooking school, until Scratch pointed out to Us that the other students may be uncomfortable sharing a kitchen with crustacean royalty, and may even try to cook US instead! So, maybe not cooking school. Maybe private cooking lessons instead. ;)

--Louis LXIX

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