About Us :)

The adventure thus far....
In February 2013, Dent was wandering around the local market, one evening while Scratch was at work. He heard a muffled voice amongst the leftover Valentines day things. "Help! I beseech you!", the voice said. Dent looked around. The voice was coming from a grocery cart full of stuffed animals. "Help! It's dark in here!"  Dent got to work, sorting through the teddy bears and goofy eyed puppy dogs holding hearts, and a strange sight met his eyes. There, in the bottom of the cart, was a GIANT lobster. Dent picked him up.

"Oh, thank you!", said the giant lobster. " It was getting hard to breathe down there! My name is Louis, and I am the deposed king of a faraway land called Lobsteronia. Some strange humans caught me and stuffed me in a box of stuffed animals. Will you help return me to my throne?"

Dent looked around. No one seemed to notice he was talking to a giant stuffed lobster. "Where IS Lobsteronia?", he asked.

"Er... I don't really know. I never paid much attention in Geography when I was a little spawn. I remember it had lots of trees and a creek, kind of in the middle of nowhere, really. I miss it very much. " The lobster looked down at his tail and shed a salty tear.

"I know a place kinda like that, it's where we live. Would you like to come home with me? It won't be the same, I know, but I am sure Scratch will love you, once she gets over the shock of having a giant lobster in her home.... Don't worry, she won't cook you, she doesn't eat seafood....."

Louis waved his giant claws happily. "Can I? Hurrah! Maybe you can help me figure out where Lobsteronia really is! Are there many of you humans at this place called 'Home' ?"

Dent pondered. "There's a few who live nearby, down the hill. We run an imaginary pirate ship, and the crew is mostly stuffed animals, though. Mainly because we're in such an out of the way place, we can't get too many people to join us. At least not in person, anyway."

 It was time to go. Dent placed Louis carefully in the grocery cart. He ignored the glares of the little old ladies at the meat counter, and the staring of a small boy on the cereal aisle. He smiled at the cashier who scanned Louis' tag and asked, "Is this for your lady?" Louis smiled, too. He was finally going Home!

In June, Louis was officially re-crowned as King Louis LXIX of Lobsteronia, and has been reigning on the Ship (AKA "Technicolor Trailer") ever since!

Some of our other "crew" members include:
(photographs pending!)

GROG [Kingdom Photographer}
Whether it's a trip downtown, or halfway to nowhere, you'll find Grog and his trusty Mycro camera, snapping pictures of the event. Although, it amazes most how he can work the shutter with those hooves of his.....
Favorite Food: Cheez-its and Tin Cans

MORT [Mascot, and Treasurer]
As with most dragons, Mort spends his days collecting and storing shiny things. Unlike a lot of scaly beasts, however, this one is CUTE.
Favorite food: Anything spicy, Damsels (just kidding!)

SCRATCH [Cook, Gardener]
When she's not out saving her roses from the perils of aphids, she's in the kitchen fanning the smoke alarm to get it to shut off. She spends her days incognito at a local fast food joint, flipping burgers, and flipping off rude customers.
Favorite Food: Boiled peanuts, Chinese buffet food

DENT [Sir Fix-A-Lot, All Around Good Guy]
Always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing™, Dent whiles away his time at a place that makes furniture. In his spare time, he likes to tinker with his mechanical chariot (IE his truck), watch YouTube videos on building mini tanks, and munch on whatever is in the cupboard.
Favorite Food: Pretty much anything Scratch cooks, as well as any junk food that may be in the house.

CRACKERS [the King's right hand--I mean CLAWED crustecean]
This lil guy showed up one morning on Scratch's doorstep, claming to be the long lost son of King Louis. While that has yet to be determined, he's certainly cute enough to hang out with the rest of the crew.
Favorite food: shrimp, Oyster crackers

CREEPY and CRAWLY [Tale Spinners]
These two were rescued from a dollar store. They record things in their webs, after the mannor of Charlotte from Charlotte's Web. If you are in the mood for a story, these are the two to listen to.
Favorite Food: Bugs. (of course. They're *spiders*)

POCKET PIRATE [Converted spy from another Burger Kingdom]
Another of Scratch's rescues, this fellow was lurking in a toy bin at a thrift store down by the beach. He was down on his luck since his last voyage, when a certain Clown abandoned him, and had pretty much given up. Scratch picked him up, dusted him off, and made him feel loved again.
Favorite food: Does whisky count as a food?
Scratch and Mort share a moment.


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