Monday, December 10, 2018

Santa Sloth

Herb snuggled under the soft blanket. "This is awesome!", he said. "I'm the Santa this year! Santa Sloth! Yeah!!"

From the other side of the tree, Louis spoke up. "A Christmas Sloth. That is a new thing to Us. But We are glad to not be doing it this year. We found human-cubs don't respond to crustaceans in hats.  We guess We're not what they think of when the word 'cuddly' comes to mind..."

"Aww, that's not true!" said Herb. "You made an AWESOME Santa last year. And the Santa 'claws' puns made the adults laugh, too."

Scratch peeked under the tree at the two holiday critters. "Yup, you two are really something. Got that holiday spirit down don't we? Are you going to make cookies this year, Louis? Those were good."

"Yes!" squeaked Herb. "pleeeeease? You're much better in the cooking department than I am. My silly claws catch on things." He frowned a little. "Last time I tried to cook, I knocked off a pot of water and almost burned myself."

The giant lobster considered. "We do seem to know my way around a kitchen, don't We? Not as food, that is." He grinned a big lobster smile and adjusted his reindeer antlers. "It's too bad these don't light up, We could give you such a show!"

Scratch laughed. "Watching you cook is more than enough any time of year. Just let me know when you want to do it, and we'll set it up."

From Scratch's room, Mort the dragon piped up "And let ME know so I can come gobble stuff up!"

"Oh Moooort", sang Louis. "we found the mistletoooooeeee!"

"Bother", said Mort.

Merry Christmas, from the crew of the Darwin's Revenge!

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