Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Snow Lobsters, Ice dragons, and frosty sloths.

Herb scuffed his feet in the snow. His furry feet felt awkward in Scratch's snow boots. And her gloves didn't fit properly on his paws. The claws were too long. "Us sloths aren't meant for this snow stuff," he grumbled.

Mort was having a grand old time. "Look!" He rolled over in the snow, tiny green feet waving in the air. "You've heard of snow angels? How's about some SNOW DRAGONS!"

From the front door, Louis squinted at the bright sunshine glinting off the snow.  "We know! Let's build a snow Lobster!" Herb laughed and began rolling up the snow into a large, cold white ball.

Scratch made a snow ball and lobbed it playfully at the Lobster. Louis ducked behind the glass door and the snow slid harmlessly off. Louis grinned, and disappeared from view for a few minutes, to return a short time later with an old hat of Scratch's. "Mort! Can you find us some twigs for arms?"

Mort sat up, blowing snow out of his nose. "Arms? Why would you need those?"

"It doesn't look much like a lobster," Herb mused.

"Never mind. We like it anyway!" declared Louis.

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