Sunday, July 30, 2017


Mort poked suspiciously at the insect hanging head-down on the hot pepper plant. "Scratch! You've got bugs! Can I smoosh it?" Scratch peered through the green leaves. "Nah, that's a good bug....he eats other bugs...."

Mort looked confused. "I thought all bugs ate plants."

Scratch wiggled the plant. Hot peppers, green turning to yellow, jiggled as the praying mantis turned and fixed beady eyes on her. "Not this one. It's a praying mantis."

Herb ambled over to the Bucketgarden. "So....that's a praying mantis.." he mused.

It was Scratch's turn to look puzzled. "You've never seen one? Do you not have these back home?"

Herb grinned. "I'm sure we do. But I never bothered to look. Too lazy." he reached out a cautious claw. "Careful," Scratch warned. "They bite! See those jaws on the head?"

From under the shade house, Louis called, "We were just reading about these. They eat all sorts of nasty bugs and keep them out of the garden. Wonderful creatures, they are."

Mort pouted. "Ladybugs are prettier."

"We have a few of those flying around, too..." Scratch said, amused.

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