Monday, September 16, 2013

A message from the king of Lobsteronia

Greetings to all our loyal subjects!
The first couple of months of our reign have been a tumultuous one. As some of ye know, We had a great flood on the edges of Our domain, and it was some time before some of Our subjects could walk on dry land again. The repair of Our roads have been coming along at a slow but steady pace.

Our royal gardener, Scratch, has planted some roses in pots in an effort to start a rose arbor. If successful, there will no longer be need for a plastic tarp for the shade house. We shall see if the roses survive the winter months. And whether they will survive the Japanese beetles.

As some of ye may also know, All Hallows Eve is, as you commoners say, "right around the corner". We have sent our second in command, crackers, to procure us a suitable costume for this night. We settled on a cat costume, although We are not sure where We will attach the tail. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately, Our bucketgarden did not perform very well this summer. Due to the rain, Our tomatoes started to rot while still on the vine.  We did manage quite a few peppers of the hot variety, and Scratch was able to share some with family and friends. 

Well, that's it at the moment.....Yuletide is not far away, and We are all a-tremble in Our shell to experience our first one!

Hugs and snuggles!
His Majesty King Louis LXIX,
King of Lobsteronia

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