Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Greetings from the King!

Greetings, my subjects! From The Technicolor Trailer, Downtown Lobsteronia.

Greetings from Santa Claws!
Recently, We celebrated a little thing called 'Thanksgiving'. We cooked and ate ham and something Scratch calls "Sweet Taters". Never in my wildest dreams would We have dreamed We would be eating the roots of a plant! But they were very tasty and We liked them. We had to cheer Scratch up a little; her little one was supposed to have come visit but due
to the weather she was unable to go pick her up. We're hoping for a new years' celebration to make up for it. In the mean time, there is Christmas stuff to do. We managed to get the trees out of storage, and while Scratch wasn't looking, We set them up. She has lots of raccoon decorations, but I did not see any lobster ones in the box. :/ Maybe we can fix this. Our associate, Crackers, set the small tree up on the kitchen table for us. Scratch found this very amusing.

We also recently took a trip into the kitchen, where Scratch was making peanut butter cookies. She let me help. See our pretty cookies! They taste good, too. Scratch promises to give me more cooking lessons later (but not, she says, lessons on how to cook a lobster-whew!) Maybe by January, We will be able to bake Scratch a birthday cake. She hates being fussed over, but a little cake never hurt anyone. ;)

Scratch has also been making plans for our garden come spring. She saw a picture where someone had planted things in wooden pallets--and she said, hey! We have those lying around. Of course, there will still be things growing in buckets. She is also converting an old unused fire pit into a planter..... She hopes to have some viney stuff growing in it and over the edge. Hopefully, next summer will be drier and sunnier than this last one and Our tomatoes will turn out better.
Both Scratch and Dent have been fighting off colds, or something--there has been a lot of coughing and snuffling. We hope to avoid catching this--We nearly coughed Our claws off last winter.

Talk to you again soon!
King Louis LXIX

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