Thursday, March 14, 2013

My stash!

Scratch found my stash this morning. No, I'm not on drugs--I'm a dragon, I horde shiny things.

"So that's where my ring got to!" She said. She giggled and said I could "borrow" it as long as I guarded it.

I got the bestest human EVAR.

In other news, Scratch has some stuff sprouted and it's almost time to plant it. She and Dent have the 5 gallon buckets all ready to go.  They're trying something different this year; they're putting one time of plant out front, and another back on the "deck", so they don't do what Scratch calls "cross pollination". Last year her hot peppers were hardly hot, because they apparently got on a little too well with the banana and bell peppers.  We're putting Dent's tomatoes out front, where they'll hopefully get more sun (and maybe get bigger this year!) We're also converting an old plastic toolbox into a planter for the carrots. So we're pretty much going to have plants all over the yard.

We're also in the process of setting up a flag. Since Scratch jokes that the Technicolor Trailer kinda resembles an old ship (It still has the hitch out front, makes a killer "bow"), Scratch put a small pallet on it, and an old stand for a patio umbrella for the pole stand. Now all we need is the flag pole (and of course, the pirate flag!!)
Stay tuned!

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