Monday, March 11, 2013

Mort at Mysticon

Got woke up at 6 a.m. and realized Scratch was packing the car. I snuck into a bag. Once they got going, I wiggled my way out of the trunk and sat in the back window with Reese, Scratch's 'car coon'. I shivered a bit as we drove up the dirt road, and out onto the main one. Despite breathing fire and all that, I'm really a big lizard. I like warmpth and sunshine.

"What's this all about, do you know?" asked Reese. "We're takin' a TRIP!" I snorted.  "We're going to Virginia for the weekend!"  Reese blinked at me. "Virginia? What the hell is in Virginia? A bunch of freaks?" I laughed. "You're close, it's for a convention..." Grumbling, Reese curled up and went back to sleep. I stayed awake, winking at people as they passed us on the highway.

Dent trying to work up some steam of his own.
We made a pit stop at a rest stop somewhere in Virginia. I don't know why they call them 'rest stops', It isn't like you can park your car overnight and camp out. Anyway, we needed to stop. For the last hour or so, I was unable to see anything, as it was foggier than my breath in the morning. Can only imagine how Scratch was up front. She hates driving anyhow. It was a lot colder there in Virginia; I was content to stay in the back window.... Dent was obviously cold, as you can see here.  But, they're more used to snow there, I guess, as the roads were clear and there were no accidents.

A little while later, we found our rent-a-castle. HOLIDAY INN read the sign out front. There was some confusion going on outside; they were refacing the outside with stone vaneer so there was a lot of construction going on.  But we were able to go on and check in. After we got our bags and everything up to the room, Scratch and Dent went exploring and I set up her laptop. (free wi fi! Yummy!)

I have to say that I am very proud of Scratch. She doesn't normally do real well in crowded places. Something about "people invading her bubble", whatever that means. I think having Dent and myself there helped though.  Some folks remarked on how well behaved I was. (well, yeah? I'm housebroken. I don't break houses.) I even managed to save Scratch from some evil woman dressed as a cemetary angel.
I said, "GO AWAY before I fly up and POOP ON YOUR HEAD."
Scratch was not amused.
Of course, the dude in the middle was all like, "Eh, Meh."  He was doing something called Steampunk, or somesuch.

At any rate, we had lots of fun at Mysticon.  Scratch is actually thinking of going back, next year.... hopefully I'll be able to sneak into the car again :)


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