Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turkey... ham?

Greetings, Our loyal subjects!

This morning, We took a peek in the kitchen. Scratch has been busy preparing for something called "Thanksgiving". We think We celebrated it last year, too, but Our memory is not what it used to be (It is elephants who never forget, not Lobsters!) . At any rate, We looked into the fridge. She has apparently bought something called "turkey ham". This confuses Us. Is it made of turkey, or is it ham? She assures Us it will be tasty. She is also planning on sweet 'taters', rolls and something called 'stuffing'. We find this amusing, since neither Scratch nor Dent are plushies...... 

Scratch also reminded Us that this is the time of year to be grateful. We are VERY grateful--! Do ye know, there is a place called 'Maine' where they eat *shudder* LOBSTER a LOT? Yes, We are certainly grateful to not be living THERE.  :) We certainly hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and to remember to 'pay it forward'--do nice when you can, and be nice like you should! Santa 'Claws' is watching you and will be coming soon! *grin*

Louis LXIX, King of Lobsteronia

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