Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hullo there!

Greetings to Our loyal subjects!
As some of ye may have noticed, Scratch has been a little slack at updating this 'blog, leaving Us to step into the job (or swim...slither...whatever it is you people call it for Us lobsters to do) . At any rate, We will do Our best to keep this narrative entertaining and humourous for Our adoring public.
As Ye can see, We have dug out the Yuletime decorations. Scratch seemed to think it was a bit too early. But We soon found the mistletoe, and then it was on. Should you out there be interested in a game of  "kiss the Crustacean", We are all ready to go. Pucker up! :)
Scratch is still debating on how to do the outside lights, to make the Darwin's Revenge the Technicolor Trailer, once again. There was some talk about running them across the roof, since the only people who see it every year, strictly speaking, are the wildlife, the closest neighbors, and the occasional aircraft flying overhead. All We know is, you won't find Us up there. No way! We had done Our part in placing the tree (and believe Us, it wasn't easy crawling up on a kitchen-chair to put the star up top!) We hope that Scratch will let us help make cookies this year, maybe chocolate chip ones this time.
Mort had to move his sparklie things into a slightly bigger basket.  It seems Scratch is always bringing home a shiny thing or other she's found, that others have lost and left behind. So the little green dragon had to find more accommodating digs for his treasure.
Scratch currently has an exciting idea percolating, although she hasn't worked out the details yet. We hope to be let in "on the know" soon, the suspense is killing Us. 
Stay tuned!
And if We don't see you before Thanksgiving, have a good one!
--Louis LXIX
King of Lobsteronia  

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