Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yeah, we're still here.

Yeah, I know. I'm a slack lil dragon.

Today is World Tacky Socks Day.  *I* managed to remember... but my human friend is wearing (gah) flip-flops. Too hot for socks, she says. She promises to put some on when we go out later this evening. I admit, it's hotter than my breath after a jalapeno milkshake outside. Today is apparently also the first day of summer. Happy Solstice!

We've managed to inherit a few of these brown furry things. They run all over the yard, especially in the early morning/late afternoon hours. I've included a photo for your perusal.  They look mighty tasty, but Scratch won't let me eat them. She giggles when she sees them, and Dent actually talks to them. I guess as long as they don't climb up and steal my Scratch's tomatoes, they can stay.

Scratch has been hard at work, trying to get a group together for the Ren Faire this year. We may even have some folks coming from out of town; stay tuned on this one.

Scratch also has a job now. No, it's not working with plants, as much as she'd like it to be. I can't quite make it out, but I think it involves being in another kingdom, making hamburgers?  Mmmm...hamburgers. Anyhow, this is why the updates have been few lately; she simply hasn't been able to take me places like she used to. Of course, she admits she hasn't had much of a social life to start with. Not like yours truly, the social butterfly of the dragon world. Mmmmm... butterflies....

Well, that's all for now. Scratch promises to take me with her this afternoon to pick up Dent. His "Dragon Wagon" is on the fritz and until it gets fixed, we have to rely on Scratch's.


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