Monday, June 20, 2011

Please excuse the dust!

Hello! I'm Mort.... We're currently working on some new stuff, so if you're joining us for the first time, welcome.... If you're not new...woah, are you a glutton for punishment!

Here I am, hard at work on Scratch's computer. She wasn't happy that I changed the wallpaper, but really... I couldn't concentrate with all those pink bunnies dancing across the screen, now could I?

At any rate, Scratch and Dent are still here. We're currently trying to get a gang together and start doing the medieval thing again. Well, gang might not be a good word to use here. I was gonna say "Motley Crew" but then folks would think we're some kinda weird hair band or something. I guess we are--and forever will be--scoundrels.

Thank you for your patience! More coming soon!

Mort the Dragon

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps we should post the "Misadventures of Mort" on here while we're waiting on members, Mortie.... Or widen the angle and make it a sci-fi/fantasy sort of club and not just "living history".

    What do you folks think?


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