Monday, October 11, 2010


A big, fat, hearty HUZZAH to all the folks who joined in this past Sunday. There was music and dancing, food and fun...and above all, there were SCOUNDRELS!

We arrived Sunday morning and were getting out of the car when the cannon went off.  The gates were officially open for the day! We joined the thronging masses at the gate. I was so happy I took a picture or five.


A rare photo indeed--not only do I look halfway decent this morning, but even DENT has managed a little smile on his otherwise scoundrel-ry face!

Where the pirates get rid of excess booty: The yarrrrrd sale!

At any rate, we had lots of fun. We wandered around till our feet were sore, sipping flat mountain dew (Next year I think I shall smuggle in a flask or three...)

We left slightly early hoping to beat the traffic. But before we went, we had to get in that one final picture at the gate.

Here we are, tired but happy... with a couple more folks getting in on the act... I think the fellow in the doorway looks rather suspicious, don't you?

Mead Tested, Mort Approved!
Aye, Scratch


  1. I woke up and smelled your curry under the Pakistan post. Apols for the delay!

  2. We were there this year on opening day. We had a blast. Wernt it nice how the NCDOT decided to take the bridge out that week?


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