Sunday, June 27, 2010

June the 27th, 2010

The galley garden is growing well.... our peppers, both banana peppers and hot ones, are loading down the branches. They poke through the branches of our tomato plants, seeming to "one-up" the twisty vines, which by now have decided that growing along the ground is the way to go. Our pumpkin vine, on the other hand, has decided to quit dropping its blooms and actually start growing a pumpkin. We shall see how big it gets, and if we will have one large enough for a Jolly Roger jack o'lantern this year at Halloween.

As Dent dozes in a chair this lazy afternoon, I ponder what I will need to do in the coming weeks to get this ship off the ground. Or in the virtual waters, so to speak. Interest in the ship has thus far been limited. Although this in itself is a good thing to start with; it is a better stew when only a few ingredients at a time are introduced.
Currently in the stew pot:

4 bratwurst, cut into pieces
2 cans of Okra, corn and tomato mixture
3 cups of water
1 1/2 cups uncooked rice

Slow cookers do wonders.

I suppose this could fall under the heading "gumbo", although I do not add seafood.... and I am out of chicken! Oh, well. Bratwurst will have to do, it is enough like for me to be substituted for sausage.
Aye, Scratch.

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