Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Renaissance Faire!

Scratch wriggled through the split mesh curtain that served as a screen door. She carried her wings in one hand and had her keys in the other. Dent followed shortly after, with several small paper bags.

Mort sat calmly on the kitchen table, chewing on the last of the Halloween candy. "How'd it go?" he asked through a snoutful of candy corn. Intent on his snack, he didn't look up.
"Better than I thought it would," said Scratch. "I had fewer people run into my wings than I thought there would be, and the mugs look pretty good this year."

Dent dug through one of the paper bags and pulled out the mug. It was dark, almost black, with reddish speckles around the rim. The design had a jester dancing on the front. "I got a shot glass," said Dent, pulling it out of the bag as well.

"Like the one from 2008 better," sighed Mort, shaking his scaly green head sadly.

"Because it was bigger and had a dragon on the front!" grinned Scratch. She leaned close to the small beast, who was busily unwrapping a 'fun size' Butterfinger. "Notice anything?"

Mort finally looked up--and did a double take. "Great gravy!" he snorted. "What in Lobsteronia did you do to your ears?! And Dent, too!"
"We sprouted new ones. And they're a pain in the ass to wear while driving a car, by the way. Turn your head the wrong way and you hit the back of the seat...."
Mort giggled. "Well. It looks like you had fun this go round. And another season over...."

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